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Milano Navigli view

My Place Suite

The surroundings

My Place Suite is located in a quiet and safe area, just few minutes walking from Navigli and Tortona Design District, offering delicious bars, pizzerias, snack bars and restaurants.


For those who don't know, the Navigli is part of historic Milan. In the ancient days, the entire city was linked with canals, similar to Venice. Today, most of the canals are gone, but the Navigli remains a canal-based neighborhood. There are two major canals: Naviglio Pavese and Naviglio Grande. The Naviglio Grande's bridges greet visitors at dusk with an amazing view. The Navigli district specializes in clubs, cafes, and vintage shops. Lifestyle reigns supreme here.

Don't miss!

Fornace Curti

Fornace Curti                                                                                        800 mt

Via Walter Tobagi 8  Milano

Just few minutes walking, a magic and fascinating place, hidden to the major part of tourists.
The history of the Curti Furnace dates back to the second half of the 15th century when, at the behest of the then Duke of Milan
Francesco Sforza and his wife Bianca Maria Visconti, work began on the construction site of the Maggiore hospital (Ca' Granda), today headquarters of the State University of Milan.

San Ceistoforo sul Naviglio                                                                    1 km

Via San Cristoforo 3  Milano


The Church of San Cristoforo on the Naviglio is a treasure of art and history of Milan off the beaten track.
It is composed of two churches of different eras, built adjacent and with the dividing wall was demolished in 1625.
 The oldest part is the left one, built in 1192 in place of an even older church. It was located at a strategic point along one of the waterways that led to Milan. The semicircular apse, which, although much restored still retains some of the original decoration, was added in 1270.

fuorisalone tortona events
navigli market

Tortona Design District                                                                        1,5 km

Via Tortona  Milano

Every year, in April, Milan is getting ready to host Milano Design Week, the event that has turned the city into the world capital of design, together with the ever-present Fuorisalone. Among the most awaited protagonists, as every year, the  Tortona Design Week, one of the most lively and interesting area to visit. If you happen to be in Milan during Fuori Salone you’re in for a ride in fashion, design, and photography.

Navigli Markets                                                                                        2 km

Ripa di Porta Ticinese  Milano

The Navigli area of Milan is neat!  Before, during or after the antiques market wander around the many unique shops and galleries along the streets of the Naviglio canal.

Make a day of it and leisurely explore the market and this funky area of Milan.  Take a break, have some lunch or stay later and finish up your day with a great aperitivo.

While Antique market takes place on Sunday once a month, you can enjoy every Saturday morning a little vintage market.

Armani Silos
mudec museum milano

Armani Silos                                                                                          2,2 km

Via Bergognone 40  Milano

Inaugurated on April 30th, 2015, to celebrate 40 years of Armani's creativity, with its 4,500 sqm of floor space Armani Silos, beside a great exhibitions space,  highlights a special selection of ‘King’ Giorgio's creations, arranged in themes that best represent the designer’s aesthetic. About 600 fashion garments and 200 accessories from the 1980s to the present enable the visitor to enter into the inspirational and creative process of the globally revered Italian designer.

Mudec - Miseo delle Culture                                                               1,9 km

Via Tortona 56  Milano

The Museum of Cultures of Milan is a center dedicated to the interdisciplinary research on the world cultures. The object is to create a place where to dialogue on contemporary themes by the medium of visual, performing and sound art, design and costume.
Fundamental aims of the museum are the research, the collection and the preservation of non European cultures, in their material and intangible expressions.



MY PLACE SUITE                                                                                        How to reach the Center

MY PLACE SUITE                                                                                        How to reach the Navigli


In the Center: don't miss!

In the Center: shopping areas

How to reach us


  • MM2 FAMAGOSTA        1,5 km

  • BUS 95  98  74                 100 mt

  • TRAM 2                            800 mt

How to reach ...

MUDEC Via Tortona                1.9 km

NAVIGLI Darsena                     2.9 km

The LAST SUPPER                       4 km

SAN MAURIZIO                           4 km

DUOMO                                    4.5 km

LINATE Airport                          12 km

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